REVANVNT is based out of Cleveland, OH and has been an open format DJ for over 6 years. Starting out in the clubs of West 6th, downtown Kent & more, he slowly made the transition to the EDM scene in 2018 and has successfully juggled both since. After providing support for artists like FuntCase, SweetTooth, & Doctor P, he made the next step as a producer in early 2021 with his first release, EVIL. Since then, he’s released a flurry of tracks in 2022 including his acclaimed remixes of Hood Martians - M8TRX and Heart - RZRKT, showing more growth and promise with each release. It culminated with his first EP, EXODIA, and has landed him further support sets for artists like Kai Wachi, Vampa, Emorfik, Bailo, & more.

REVANVNT has a slew of music ready to go for 2023 and is excited to bring a genuine, energetic & impactful live experience to his crowds wherever the future takes him.



M8TRX is a bass music producer/DJ from Cleveland, Ohio. Starting in 2018, M8TRX began releasing music on SoundCloud and Spotify that blended the styles of dubstep and trap with a heavy focus on rap acapellas. After consistently releasing original music throughout 2018, he would then discover the Cleveland EDM scene through Instagram in 2019.
From bedroom producer to local DJ, M8TRX quickly began gaining the interest of Cleveland’s EDM scene through his high-energy sets. Having already played events and festivals such as The Nutcracker Ball feat. Emorfik, Eptic: End of the World Tour, Wokewoods, Spun Fest, Much Love Festival, Oogie Boogie’s Ball, and multiple Space Camp events throughout Ohio, M8TRX has shared the stage with big artists such as Emorfik, Gorilla T, Eptic, Buku, Rico Act, Ravenscoon, MeSo, and Freaky.
With already over 20 originals tracks released, M8TRX is currently sitting at about 4,000 SoundCloud followers with roughly 250,000 total plays. He is most known for his dubstep banger, ‘Hood Martians’, which is currently sitting at around 50,000 plays and growing.
M8TRX dreams of becoming one of the top bass music artists in the entire game. He spends countless hours in Ableton every single day perfecting his craft. The main musical focus of M8TRX is to blend together his own unique sound design with hip-hop vocals in a unique way that can potentially merge the genres together towards the future. You are now in the M8TRX.



Mike Ronan AKA RONAN is a producer/DJ based out of the Midwest originating from Michigan, Ronan started his music career in 2015. Since then he has performed in a variety of music festivals, opened for international acts, and has played in major venues across the Midwest. Mike also runs his own promotions company Anbu Agency, which caters to the underground bass music scene. Mike has also made jumps as a producer, releasing on labels such as Watership and Deathstar Cult. He has collaberated with artists such as Blaize, lil Tehan, Howndz and Viatuosick.