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Bass Mob is a phenomenon that started in the basements and house parties of Cleveland Ohio in 2019. By the end of 2019 the gatherings became too big to contain in an ordinary house. They then made a name for themselves throwing after parties for bigger commercialized shows , offering a raw underground flare and give no Fucks aesthetic to a starving Cleveland underground scene.

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Pioneers of bringing up and coming headlining acts to the shadowy underworld of Cleveland’s Electronic Music scene, offering the best quality laser and visual experience, and the best audio experience around created the phenomenon now known as Bass Mob Entertainment. Aside from shows Bass Mob is invested in discovering and representing the best up and coming talent EDM has to offer and believing in they’re music and vision. Welcome to the Mob!

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Bass Mob Entertainment produces unique and thrilling events for the starving Cleveland underground scene. Our events & shows focus on providing the best up and coming talent a spotlight in the underground scene. Join Bass Mob and experience our movement from the front row!